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Are you planning a party? Or do you just want to eat more than one roll? Choose one of our sets. Ordering sushi delivery in Lviv has never been so easy.

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We prepare kraft sushi from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. And we add twice as much fish. The most delicious rolls with delivery only in Kraft Burger.

complete order with dishes from other categories:


Oh, that smell of potatoes with smoked paprika and hot wasabi. Additions to sushi and burgers are always a good addition to crafting.



Sushi can be made at home by buying everything you need in the supermarket. But what's the point if you can order the perfect sushi in the Kraft Burger food delivery service .
Our sushi will take the freshest salmon, tuna or eel, cook the perfect rice, add a few more ingredients to taste and voila! - we are already packing and sending a courier so that he can deliver the best sushi in Lviv in 29 or 59 minutes. You will enjoy both the simplest poppies and the whole Set of Dragons.
Why sushi and rolls ? Because it's the best solution for a party, bachelorette party, corporate party or just a desire to eat. Delivery of Kraft Burger sushi does everything to make the morning, day or evening 100% successful. We have both Philadelphia and California, and such a tender cheese roll for cheese fans. If you are yourself, order roles. If there are many of you - order a set. 11 sets to choose from. For lovers of cream cheese - a set of Philadelphia. For those who can't live without salmon - Sakai set. And for those who want everything at once, also to share with friends - two kilograms of happiness - a set of Yokohama.
If you are vegan or vegetarian - don't worry! Kraft has prepared for you positions where you will not find fish in the roles. We care about everyone. In order to order sushi and rolls in Kraft Burger , you just need to go to our website, add the desired items to the cart and place an order. Or call: 093 17 079 17. Ordering sushi in Lviv has never been so easy!
After placing an order, our operator will call you to confirm it, make adjustments, take into account all your wishes, make a discount on a promo code from Kraft Burger or apply a certificate. After that, we will immediately pass the information to sushi, who will make the most delicious rolls and sushi for you in Lviv .
The courier will deliver the order in 29 or 59 minutes. If it is late, we will be sure to give you a certificate for a gift burger or roll, which can be used for the next order.
Also in Kraft Burger you can order a unique combination - sushi and burgers. Just go to the 'Combo' section and choose what you like. You can also choose a supplement: an extra portion of wasabi or ginger, as well as french fries or peasant potatoes. To which, by the way, you can choose a sauce: ketchup, BBQ, honey-mustard, cheddar or spicy. We put twice as many fish in our sushi, so the pleasure will be double. And soy sauce, wasabi and ginger will make the roll taste even better.
You can pay with a card, cash or LiqPay service. Order. Kraft Burger is the most delicious burgers and sushi in Lviv. Quickly. Deliciously. Craftly.