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The combo from Kraft Burger is an ideal option if you do not want to choose for a long time or want to order burgers and sushi , because you are having a party at home.

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A real burger from Kraft is a fragrant bun, juicy cutlet, pickled or fresh cucumbers, caramelized onions, tomatoes, cheddar, bacon and even cherries! Sauces that emphasize the taste of each ingredient. And the best delivery service .

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Oh, that smell of potatoes with smoked paprika and hot wasabi. Additions to sushi and burgers are always a good addition to crafting.



Kraft Burger is about love. It's about fried sesame buns, the most delicious cutlets, perfect crispy bacon, tomatoes, fresh or pickled cucumbers, double cheddar, caramelized or crunchy onions and secret ingredients. And about unique recipes, appetizing service and the fastest food delivery in Lviv. If you are tired of burgers from McDonald's, KFC and other fast foods in Lviv, then welcome to Kraft.
Our dishes will not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone who eats breakfast, lunch or dinner with Kraft Burger will enjoy delicious food, fast delivery and the best service.
Need something special? Vader's orders. Do you want something gentle? Take Bonaparte. Do you like very sharp? Pick Deadpool. You can order any burger that you will definitely like. And after that you will order from us again and again. Not enough of one craft burger? Add to the basket a burger with potatoes and sauce that will complement the taste. Are you planning a party? In Lviv, we will deliver you a combo : 4 burgers in Huge Set, Vera Big Set for a company for fans of sushi and burgers. For two we have a Duo Set. You can spend with us both office lunch, and corporate party.
To place an order at Kraft Burger - visit our website or call: 093 17 079 17. Our operators will clarify the details, take into account all wishes, make a discount if you have a Kraft promo code or certificate and pass the order to the kitchen. Kraft Burger and Sushi Delivery Chefs will prepare fresh, hot craft burgers and fries for you. And the courier will bring you food in 29 or 59 minutes. If it is suddenly late, we will give you a certificate for the next order for a free burger or roll. In our range there are tasty additions: french fries and potatoes in a peasant way. And sauces for every taste: ketchup, honey-mustard, BBQ, spicy and cheddar. And to quench your thirst, add carbonated, still water or juice to the order.
For those who do not eat meat - we can offer a Beyond cutlet, which tastes no different from chicken or beef. We will make you a vegaburger!
You will be able to pick up your order at the delivery points or the courier will bring it to you faster than you can blink. You can pay with cash, card or LiqPay service.
The best delivery of burgers in Lviv is Kraft Burger. We will change your view of food. Because our burgers are not fast food. This is a masterpiece.